Security Solutions

We provide a full range of security solution to meet our customer's need. We specialised in Network Security & IP Security Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control and Visitor Registration.

Network Security & IP Security Surveillance

EMS has gained a reputation for providing leading-edge and innovative CCTV systems installations and security camera solutions around the world using a combination of established and state-of-the-art technology. Our CCTV security systems range from small entry-level packages through to multi-site networked installations, with thousands of cameras dispersed over wide geographical areas.

Drawing on our extensive expertise and experience, we can identify, deliver and install the most appropriate commercial CCTV solution to match your business needs.

We are partners of leading CCTV manufacturers including:

  • > Samsung
  • > Panasonic
  • > Sony
  • > NEC
  • > Axis
  • > Vivotek

CCTV System Maintenance & Support

At EMS, we offer maintenance and support for our customers. Based on our customer's requirements, we provide monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance. All our installations and deployments are quality assured, offering warranties for our customers.

Access Control

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Access control is often used at the entrance to a property or restricted room. Access Control refers to using technology as opposed to using a set of keys or a receptionist to secure an area. Electronic access control takes this further by tracing who accessed which areas of the building.

With the help of security accessories like EM lock for doors, keypad card reader, door release buttons and break glass, we put together a full security solution.

Types of Access Control System:

  • > Proximity Card
  • > Numeric Key
  • > Biometric (Fingerprint / Hand Recognition)
  • > Carpark Access

We are partners of leading Access Control Software manufacturers including:

  • > S2 Security
  • > Sielox
  • > Entrypass

Visitor Registration

  • > Arm Flap Barrier
  • > Half / Full Height Turnstiles
  • > Software Management