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GST appointed as distributor for P2 Wireless

GST, an integrated information and communication technology infrastructure solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a distribution, marketing, sales and services partner to P2 Mobile Technologies Limited (“P2 Wireless”).

P2 Wireless and its Wireless Mesh Products P2 Wireless is a leading wireless mesh technology company offering flexible and expandable network solutions for bandwidth-demanding applications and mission-critical infrastructures. P2 Wireless revolutionized the way devices are connected. MeshRanger, their flagship product, is engineered with the patented MeshInfinity Technology to create “Smart Virtual Fiber®” that eliminates the constraints of extensive fiber optic cabling and facilitates easy and rapid deployment. P2 Wireless’ flexible mesh architecture provides high bandwidth, low latency, and self-healing connection that meets the most demanding connectivity requirements. P2 Wireless’ wireless mesh network is crafted for simple setup and robust transmission almost anywhere.

The P2 Wireless Mesh technologies are fast and competitively priced (compared to similar products). The Directors believe that it addresses the Smart City market need for rapidly deployable, inexpensive, convenient and fast Wi-Fi internet infrastructure, and the Safe City market need for 4k high definition security cameras, Wi-Fi coverage in urban and congested areas where installing new cables would be expensive and disruptive. Hence its other name – Smart Virtual Fiber®. The P2 Wireless technologies are also strong candidates to provide the ‘last mile’ high-speed internet access that many customers in urban, rural, and hard-to-reach areas such as bridges and ports, are seeking.



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