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Face Temperature Measurement Access Control

Features 1. Temperature detection, the infrared array body temperature sensor, no entry with high temperature 2. Two operation modes: Touchscreen & PC 3. Body temperature and face recognition completed in 0.3 seconds 4. Temperature measurement distance: 0.3 to 1 meter 5. Adopts the temperature sensor of Belgian Melexis infrared matrix 6. 5.5 inches IPS full-view and high definition display screen (1280×720) 7. Multiple people simultaneous recognition, can identify 4 people at the same time 8. < 0.5 second high speed identification, 99.9% accuracy rate 9. Wide dynamic 2 mega pixel HD camera, 360 degree biometrics liveness recognition 10. Built-in card reading module, support Mifare card, CPU card, ID card 11. 2 USB communication port, for importing and exporting of data 12. Metal body, waterproof, smog proof, sturdy and durable

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