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Lunar New Year 2020


First of all, to all those who celebrate Chinese New Year, may I wish you a prosperous and happy year of the Rat! And I hope that you all have enjoyed the long break and fully recharged for the brand new year. We are proud to announce that this year is EMS 30 years anniversary in business. We are grateful to our valued customers, suppliers, business partners & associates who have supported all these years. Last year, the year of the Pig was a challenging year but nonetheless we had worked very hard to overcome many obstacles even though some of these challenges remain outstanding. In the year of the Rat, I am confident that we could excel if we work more closely with total conviction and dedication towards common goals. Going forward, I will be setting new directions and renewing our commitments to bring this company great again, and stronger than ever before in the coming year. While maintaining our conventional wires & pliers business, we are in the process of transforming & offering higher valued services to our customers based & new customers alike. Our strategic technologies are to bring EMS up the value chain by expanding the range of products & services. It is not only help to build on our already solid experience in core IT infrastructure & to extend our capability to the growing trend of cloud & edge computing infrastructure space. But all these will not happen without your help and commitment. And I strongly believe that unity is strength, all of us will be part of this powerful nucleus of force that make this company stand out in the marketplace, provide greater services to our customers and command higher respect and dignity for our brand name. One of the success story is AVTECH. So far, we are the only one deploying & supporting AVTECH in Singapore and continually we service the existing customers thru’ maintenance contract & their expansions. With this product, we are also increasing the new customers base thru’ referral from AVTECH & existing customers base. Another success story is the partnership with Mitel IP-Telephony as their valued add re-seller. We are doing pretty well and also awarded sponsored event in Amsterdam in Netherlands. Well, this is also one way of expanding our product & service from our core cabling business. What we can do is to offer upgrading program to existing Mitel users by replacing their obsolete phones. Beside, we are receiving potential leads from Mitel. Finally, we can push the products to our business partners so that they can also expand their products & services and increase their revenue. Our core business is structured cabling and we are in the process of transforming into service base business thru’ AI & Machine learning on the cloud. The revenues of digital transformation that we are focusing is on recurring business or subscription base. This way, we are also able to secure a long term relationship with our customers and likewise maintenance contracts. One of these new initiatives for Super Low Energy Building Technology Roadmap is the liquid cooling system for high density data server services where we are planning to do the R&D and manufacturing targeting at Cloud & Edge Computing markets. I will progressively share with you in greater depth as we continue our planning and execution phases. We will create new suite of products and services to supplement our core business in cabling, networking and services as a system integrator. We will endeavour to get ourselves out of the red ocean and create our blue ocean where we can look forward to new revenue streams and sustainable growths for EMS group of companies. Recently, we have taken up Southeast Asia Distributorships for 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) ’s products, Neuro10 & DeepAlert. These products will help us to pave way for EMS expansions plan to go regional. As they are all softwares in the clouds, we do not need to be present to setup the systems and they can also be supported remotely unless it is a major project where on-site setup and deployment are required. The revenues are fully based on subscriptions. What is Neuro10? Neuro10 (Cloud Intelligence) is a Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning on the Cloud. What can they do? 1. Explore predictive analysis for machine data. 2. Scalable machine data solution on-demand so you have the resources you need

within minutes. 3. Continuously and automatically discovers patterns in your data and alerts you of anomalies. What is DeepAlert? A 24×7 Real-Time Video Analytics and Alerting System that uses deep learning AI technology. What can they do? 1. Software that never sleep. 2. Scalable video analytics and alerting system. 3. Add to existing CCTV systems. 4. Deployed locally or centrally. 5. Powerful nuisance alert rejection and object recognition.

With that, I would like to end with “There may be many challenges still lying ahead of us, but with unity and commitment, we can and we will succeed. Trust in yourselves as you excel as I will place my highest trusts in you.”

Remember the CNY message: The Path To Success Is To Take Massive Action.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”

God bless us all….. Huat Ah!

Garies Chong

Chief Executive Officer EMS Wiring Systems Pte Ltd


On 1 February 2020, Saturday, the company gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The directors gave speeches to address the company on the new directions for 2020, very much have been covered by the CEO’s messages written above. As a traditional, all staffs were given Red Packets and oranges to signify good luck and prosperity for the new year ahead. Followed by the awesome performance by the Lion Dance team, as well as good buffet lunch and lucky draw for the staffs.

From the management of EMS Wiring Systems, we would like to wish all our customers and partners a wonderful year ahead in 2020!

Below is the short recap video of that day’s celebration.


This year we are honored to celebrate our 30th anniversary. As we look forward to what 2020 has in store, we are also reminded of the many valued relationships that have made the last 3 decades a success. EMS Wiring Systems would like to take this time to let you know how thankful we are for your business and your partnership.

THANK YOU for keeping us in business for 30 years!

Sit tight as we bring you more exciting updates at our EMS30 page.



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