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Experience Wireless Network Surveys Like Never Before - Unparalleled Accuracy and Effectiveness

A Wi-Fi site survey is crucial for optimal wireless network performance, even if the network is well-designed. It acts as an extra pair of eyes, ensuring the network functions as intended in real-world scenarios. Through data-driven Wi-Fi decisions and the use of tools and techniques, risks are minimized, and your enterprise wireless network is continuously fine-tuned to meet user requirements.

Wi-Fi site surveys have two main purposes: testing predictive designs before deployment and validating accurate installation of changes or additions. This ensures a fast and reliable network for users and applications. To guarantee this, it's crucial to engage a qualified WiFi engineer with extensive experience in conducting these surveys. At EMS, our experienced team will handle the process for you, ensuring strong wireless coverage, high data rates, ample network capacity, seamless roaming capability, and excellent quality of service.

Expectations from a Wireless Site Survey

We use Ekahau wireless survey tool to conduct the site survey which offers a visual depiction of your coverage area and provides detailed reports on all aspects of your wireless infrastructure. These reports include specific information about network traffic, throughput, packet loss, physical (PHY) rates, and signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio for each access point (AP) in your wireless setup.

Our comprehensive wireless site survey provides the following information:

  1. ​ Accurate assessment of the working condition of each current access point.

  2. Precise identification of access point locations.

  3. Detailed wireless coverage maps depicting signal strength and coverage areas.

  4. Comprehensive data rates analysis.

  5. Identification and location of sources of interference.

  6. Detection and location of rogue access points.

  7. Identification of coverage gaps or voids in the existing deployment.

  8. Classification and analysis of neighboring networks and channel usage.

  9. Consolidated report combining predictive and on-site survey findings.

EMS offers a comprehensive planning and optimization of your wireless network, tailored to enhance your business operations.

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