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Our Wire Routing Solutions Exceed Expectations 
In Even The Harshest Conditions.

Our wire routing and management solutions epitomize the reliability and adaptability that characterize our products. Irrespective of the challenging nature of your surroundings, our components consistently deliver exceptional performance, even in the most unforgiving environmental conditions.

Fiber Routing Systems

The Panduit FiberRunner® fiber routing systems provide a comprehensive solution for effectively segregating, routing, and safeguarding fiber optic and high-performance copper cabling. With ample capacity to accommodate higher cable counts, these systems enable efficient assembly of channels and fittings, thanks to Panduit's time-saving couplers. Additionally, the system's fittings maintain a protective two-inch bend radius, effectively preventing excessive bends.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems

The installation of our wire mesh cable tray systems, Wyr-Grid®, is hassle-free and enables the clean and efficient routing and management of copper data cables, fiber optic network cables, and power cables in data centers, interconnected buildings, and industrial automation applications. These systems incorporate innovative features that ensure quick, secure, and effortless assembly, resulting in reduced installation costs and expedited deployment.

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